Archive 5: Stuff on the interweb that bugs the everloving snot out of me.

Originally posted Monday, July 25th, 2005, on LJ:

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Why? Because I can.

1) ADS WITH SOUND. “Ooh, I’m Mr. Clever Marketing Man! If our web ads make noise, then the consumer will have to pay attention! Yay!” Wrong, you loser, you only make the consumer hate you more, because you ruined a song I love when your ad started buzzing. This is especially idiotic on music sites, where one would assume they’d use a least a LITTLE common sense, but they don’t.

2) PRE-LOADER ADS. These should qualify as consumer fraud and be illegalized globally. The link I clicked on said ““, and when I pressed it, I expected to go to, NOT to Yeah, I’m looking at you, IGN.

3) PAGE-COVERING ADS THAT YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON TO GET RID OF. Every time I’m reading something and an ad suddenly appears over it, I die a little more inside. I’m not talking about pop-ups, I mean ads that are actually part of the page script and won’t go away until you click a special button on them. This should also be illegalized globally, because those things can virus/spyware you up the wazoo without a good shield program.
(I actually don’t mind pop-ups or banner/tower ads, as long as they don’t make sound, because they don’t magically force themselves underneath my pointer just as I’m clicking something else.)

4) LYRIC SITES WITH VIRUSES. Another way to describe this would be 99% of all lyric sites in the world. Seriously, if the artists themselves don’t have lyric sections on their own sites, you have to wander into a digital minefield to find the words. Kinda sad, really.

5) LYRIC SITES WITH ERRORS THAT DON’T TAKE LEGITIMATE CORRECTIONS. Seriously, there’s only two sites on the entire internet (that’s an exact count, not an exaggeration) that have the lyrics to Fiction Plane’s “If Only”, and both of them are horribly wrong. One has no correction process whatsoever, not even a contact email. The other allows users to submit corrections, but they never put my corrections on the page. Really, really, annoying. *coughLyredcough*

6) BANDWAGON TRENDS. Less than 16% of the world’s population are atheists (Source:, yet for some reason it seems that a good 50% or more of the Internet’s population claim to be atheists, and violent, zealous ones at that (Source: Observation). The same goes for a lot of things, and it kinda seems to me like people are often pretending to be something they’re not. Of course, I realize that’s the whole point of the Internet, but when you can already hide behind a false identity, there’s no need to lie about your opinions. The former precludes the latter; when people don’t know who you are, you should feel completely safe about being yourself. (NOTE: I am not attacking atheism; it’s just one of the more prominent examples, and I had that actual statistic to back it up with.)

That’s all I got for now, but I can assure you there will be more.
As for next time, get ready to feel the wrath of the Theories of Idiocy.

Archive 4: So yeah…

Originally posted Wednesday, June 1st, 2005 on LJ:

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I’m chilling (That’s street for “chilling”).
Kinda bored, kinda tired, kinda restless, kinda jumpy, just one of those days, man.

Ever vacuum rainwater out of a rug? Lemme tell ya, it’s FUN!!!!! Why, the only thing more fun than that is vacuuming rainwater out of a rug TWICE in ONE week! And the only thing more fun than that is thinking you’re safe a year later but then having to vacuum SEWER water out of the rug!
That was a really bad day, but that wasn’t today. Today was just one of those days, man.

Archive 3: Why?

Originally posted Friday, April 22nd, 2005, on LJ:

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Why do educators do this? Why do they always assign massive amounts of work at the same time? How in the world do they expect that to help us? And despite the date, this isn’t just exam-time workload; I guarantee that by this time next week I’ll be calm & relaxed. They just do this spontaneously throughout the semester, give a week or two of nothing immediately followed by a week or two of everything, all in unison.


Hi. Soon-to-be-former Livejournal user here, upset over learning that LJ has been bought out by a Russian company & had its ToS altered to suit Russian law.
So I’ll be gradually transplanting all of my old content from there over to here over the course of the coming months, & I’ll eventually make new content too. In the meantime, I’ve left the WordPress first-post template below ’cause I think it looks cool. Thanks for joining me! ~Joey

Thanks for joining me!

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